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The Lobster: Reality of Life that is Hyperbole

Yorgos Lanthimos can always create a country of dystopia which is a hyperbole version of reality in society. One of the best films is The Lobster. Through this film, Yorgos alludes to how our society tends to isolate or look down on people who live without a partner. In The Lobster, singles are categorized as sufferers of mental illness and even at the level of animals if they are unable to find their soul mates.

These rules ultimately create a social environment that makes people live in pairs to survive, even with falsehood and no longer on the basis of love.

Sound familiar? This is because there are indeed some people in our lives who get married because of social demands. Starting from being pursued by age, the demands of parents to immediately have a family, and various other factors related to imaging. The Lobster executes the material with a gruesome and exaggerated satire comedy concept. Like our society who still exaggerates the problem when seeing someone not married above their 30s.

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